Motor Maid E-Board

All District Directors or their Representatives.

The Motor Maid E-Board for 2016 will be held

at the Holiday Inn - Orlando International Airport

5750 T.G. Blvd Orlando, Florida 32822. 

Reservations must be made by Dec. 23, 2015.

Announcing 2017 Convention Site


We are going to East Peoria, Illinois for

our 2017 Convention. Check here for

details as the become available.


All 1,348 Year End Letters (YEL) have

been sent by U.S. Mail to your

address on record.  Contact Susan if

you do not receive one within the

next week or so.. 


Year End Letter

 – It is highly recommend you

complete the letters and return to

Susan Gibson as soon as you can.  

Forms must be received by December

15th or you will be listed INA.

DO NOT EMAIL your letter to her.


Waiver Form

Sign the waiver and return to Jan

Watts, Safety Officer.  This form can

be scanned and emailed.


Linda Dugeau Contest Form

Fill out and sign this form.  It can be

scanned or emailed to Sandra 

Hinksman, Vice President.


Santa Fe in 2016


Go to the Members/Convention

for the latest on the 2016

Convention taking place  

on July 5, 6 & 7 at the Drury

Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, NM.    

Registration is now

open at:


New Supply Order Forms

The newest updated forms are now

available for both NAME TAGS and


Get your order in

now for that

Convention Uniform.


There was so much happening to celebrate

of our 75 years of Motor Maids.   Check out

the links below to discover some of the fun

we had in Moncton, Canada this past July. 

We owe a big Thanks to Susan Roche,

for giving us  over 1,100 pictures,

taken during the parade.

Remember to let Susan know you

appreciate her efforts.




These videos will show you the fun had

during Conventions

Welcome Meeting Bagpipes

Getting Ready to Parade

Motor Maids in Parade

Motor Maids Cup Song

Queen of the Road

Welcome to Motor Maids!

In 1940 Motor Maids, two ladies along with 51 others established a women's motorcycling organization in North America. Today it is one of the first and oldest continuously operated women's motorcycling organization in North America.  In 2015 we celebrated our 75th year as an organization.                

With approximately 1,300 members across the United States and Canada, the Motor Maids are a diverse group of women motorcyclists united through a passion for riding while fostering a positive image and promoting safe riding skills. 
Joining the Motor Maids gives every women a great opportunity to ride, travel and get to know a diverse group of people all across North America.

For information about Motor Maids in your area, please visit our Contacts page.  


Click here for a copy of our CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS

     Our Membership Votes and Lives by them. This way you can check out what the Motor Maids are  all about.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you are ready to join, get your MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, and a copy of the LIABILITY WAIVER all members must sign, and mail them to the address listed on the application.  Welcome to the Motor Maids 
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